Our brand is all about bringing out the best in businesses and boosting the bottom line.
  • We are building the best business platforms for you to reach your customers in an events environment that makes doing business a pleasure.
  • We are dynamic and agile – our small size means we can move quickly, whether to take advantage of a new opening or to respond to clients’ requests, coming up with ideas effectively and efficiently making sure you get the most out of your involvement with the event.
  • We are set up so that exhibitors can discuss their ideas and plans for an exhibition with us and tap into our expertise, helping you to come to a speedy but well-informed decision with none of that middle-management bureaucracy.
  • With a dedicated emphasis on smart data and targeted marketing we will be able to brief you on the best options, bolster your workforce, and boost your market reward.
  • We use our business network and wealth of knowledge gained through working on some of the largest shows in the sector to inspire you and go that extra mile in maximising customer satisfaction.
  • We also have experience as exhibitors ourselves, so understand what you, as our customer, expects and deserves to help you surpass your business aims.
  • We will work with you to make your participation in our events – whether as an exhibitor or visitor – meaningful, rewarding and well worth the investment of your time.
  • We are not dictated to by shareholders, which means we can make our pricing more than attractive, while developing economically sustainable events – there will be no year-on-year blanket price increases.
  • We can do all this flexibly and on a personal level, something that other events organisers just cannot deliver.
Our aim is to be recognised globally as the number one specialist exhibition company, renowned for putting customers’ needs first, outranking competitors in customer service and satisfaction by producing events that have high-calibre exhibitor and visitor participation.