Every company has a different reason to exhibit and we cater for all.

"A fantastic opportunity – WAAS has enabled us to enter a new market and present our products and services to the Nigerian audience. We would 100% recommend it to anyone who is considering participating."

Sarunas Cirvinsras, Partan, Lithuania

Why Exhibit?

When it comes to exhibiting, companies are often apprehensive to take the plunge and make the investment in participating in an exhibition. We cannot stress enough how rewarding and worthwhile exhibiting is for all businesses , no matter how big or small you are or what industry you’re in.

Advantages of exhibiting:

  • Showcase new products and services 
  • Research and understand your marketplace
  • Build you business connections and client base
  • Face-to-face marketing in an industry-specific arena
  • Forge partnerships with the leading importers and retailers
  • Reach out to an international market
  • Meet new buyers and find new leads 
  • Sales leads and opportunities

Exhibiting companies can experience the multitude of benefits that will inevitably increase business sales, boost your brand presence and establish customer satisfaction and loyalty.

There is nothing quite like the buzz of an exhibition floor, where thought-provoking conversations happen and exciting new business opportunities surface with key professionals within your industry.

Thanks to our streamlined events with specific targeted audiences relevant to each field of business, means our exhibitions can give you the results you desire and provide a personalised service that other events companies cannot offer.

Trade shows will always act as pivotal platforms that provide a real-time meeting point with potential customers – a totally invaluable experience that every business needs to take advantage of, and BtoB Events can show you how. We’ll provide you with the personal service you want and give you access to leading, global markets, getting your products out there. For more information, you can visit our contact us page here.